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Services & Solutions


Our seasoned professionals have years of experience deploying advanced IP infrastructure solutions and network assessments.  We architect/design secure voice, data and wireless networks utilizing various switching and routing technologies.  ROI has the real world experience to help our customers build a strategy and budget that is right for them providing years of superior performance while enhancing productivity. 



Project Management - Success for any project is largely driven by the organizaton and delivery of that project.  Our Project Leads provide tracking, reporting and accountability.

LAN/WAN - Implement secure and flexible networks for connecting devices using "Best-in-Class" equipment.

Monitoring - 24 hour monitoring, notification and remediation.

Disaster Recovery - On-site/off-site backup plans and solutions including virtualization.

Wireless Services

Wi-Fi - Give users flexibility and options when connecting to their network.

Design - Create wireless networks that allow users to connect securely from anywhere.

Heat Maps - Provide coverage maps before and after with channel and frequency analysis to ensure the best possible Wi-Fi performance and end user experience.

Assessment Services

Information - Perform an in depth review of our customers network, providing them the details to better understand their enviroment and needs.

Recommendations - Create a plan that aligns with your companies short & long term strategic goals and budgets to enhance current network performance and security.

Governance - Recommend changes to meet government and company compliance such as PCI, HIPPA and others.


Application Solutions

Software - Install and configure existing or new software including custom or industry specific products.

Operating Systems - Configure Windows or Linux servers/desktops of all sizes for small and enterprise customers.

Database - Our data engineers have years of experience in programming, customizing and optimizing softwares such as MS SQL, ​My SQL and others including Open Source products.  

IT Services/Solutions

Helping Hands - ROI can be your local hands on for your corporate IT helping manage, maintain and support your IT infrastructure.

Setup/Repair - Server/Desktop/Network setup and repair along with configuration design and migration services.

Protect/Detect/Remove - Malware, Spyware and Virus detection, protection and removal.

Remote Support - Server,Desktop and Application management.

Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery - Robust on-site/off-site backup plan and solutions including virtualization giving you piece of mind.

Hosted Email - Gmail, Zimbra or Exchange, we can help you get started and migrate from existing platform.

Cloud Server/Desktop - Eliminate cost, complexity and challenges with on premise hardware while giving you the freedom to work anywhere.  

ROI - Identify costs and challenges with moving to a cloud architecture.

"Return on Investement" = "ROI".

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