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Who We Are

Seasoned Professionals - ROI consultants/engineers are highly knowledgable and experienced in a multitude of technologies which makes ROI ideal for assessing technology or methodology that may be deployed by our customers.  While ROI does business all over the country, They are based in Las Vegas and are availabile and dedicated to our Nevada businesses.


Dedicated Staff – ROI is a leading technology provider.  We understand technology changes quickly; however, we appreciate company budgets and project prioritization.  Our dedicated staff always considers cost when recommending solutions without sacrificing performance, security and requirements.

Responsive - Our clients count on us to respond to their needs quickly, therefore, ROI is structured to accommodate dynamic client demands .  We empower our consultants and engineers to make decisions in order to allow them to help clients as quickly as possible.  Speed and responsiveness are part of our DNA including quoting, professional services, and responding to a client’s need or emergency.


Strategic – We are strategic and design solutions for our customers to meet their business needs and challenges.  We believe it is essential that we understand each clients need(s), budget(s), objective(s), and goal(s) before designing or implementing an IT solution.  Once we understand our clients business process, needs and challenges we can recommend IT solutions that best address their present and future goals.  With over 30 years of experience, ROI can recommend proactive solutions that solve specific use cases.  


Investment - We invest the time and resources necessary to understand where you are today and where you want to be in the future.  Before we design the first solution, we perform an extensive network assessment that includes physical & cyber security along with documenting every devices configuration, firmware, software updates and the task(s) they perform.

Trusted Partner- ROI wants to be your trusted advisor. Earning that trust start's with clear and concise communications.  Trust takes time to build and the first step for ROI is to put the customer needs first.  Following through with commitments and accepting responsibility are keys to a successful partnership with our customers.  In addition, we take great pride in  always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  


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